Monday, May 30, 2011

Hazelnut bread and butter pudding

another thing that can drive you crazy here is the food magazines/cook books and home improvement magazines like country/romantic homes and better homes and gardens (BHG).. some are really cheap, such as this magazine and just looking at the cover makes you drool...

the hazelnut bread n butter pudding looks so yummy that i had decided to give it a try.. i'm no fan of bread pudding actually.. but since our sandwich loaf is going to expire soon, why not make the most out of it while we can hehe..

ingredients :

bread, butter, hazelnut spread (nutella), eggs, sugar, cream, milk, vanilla essence and choc chips.

tadaa... not so pretty as in the mags but the taste? ohh so yummyy..i can't help but to keep delving for more.. mmm

this is just after a few servings..

please help yourself to some :)


  1. Nyum..nyummm!
    Nampak memang sedap.
    Lama tak beli SFI. Dulu memang suka collect magazine ni..

  2. hehe nampak sedap ke.. rupanya tak sah tak lawa cam ori janji mulut dan perut suka :D skrg collect magazine apa lak?