Thursday, March 9, 2017

Halal stock and seasonings

Sumber: Is your food halal safe?

Produk Vegeta
Vegeta by Podravka have a good amount of halal suitable powdered stock and seasoning items. Please note that the powdered stocks which are made in Croatia are halal suitable,
however, their liquid stocks are made in Australia and are not halal suitable.
The halal powder range include:
Powdered beef stock,
Powder chicken stock,
Powder seafood stock,
Gourmet vegetable stock.
If in doubt, check to see if the product was imported from Croatia. The powdered stocks from Croatia should all be halal safe, as they are all made in the same factory over there.

Produk Massels

Massels have suitable stock and gravies. They are all vegan, Halal suitable, Kosher suitable. They are also all gluten free and contain no GMO's or MSG.
Beef Stock Powder
Chicken Stock Powder
Vegetable Stock Powder
Beef Stock Cubes
Chicken Stock Cubes
Beef Stock Liquid Pouches
Chicken Stock Liquid Pouches
Vegetable Stock Liquid Pouches
Beef Concentrated Liquid Stock
Chicken Concentrated Liquid Stock
Vegetable Concentrated Liquid Stock
Chicken Gravy Mix
Supreme Gravy Mix
They can be found at most supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and other independent supermarkets.

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