Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday BBQ

 'twas a busy saturday for our family, but definitely an enjoyable day for us.. first, we were invited by Alin and Pat for a BBQ at their lovely abode overlooking the Swan River.. the area reminds me of Batu Feringghi. You can view Perth CBD from their balcony.. wow, what a view!
recreation area just below

the bbq area.. very nice place indeed.. 

I took some time taking photos

really nice flowers.. i love purple flowers :)

another great view!

Thank you Alin and Pat for having us. The steaks were so delicious.. mm yummy.. we really had a great time. 

later that day we went to Coogee Beach, for another BBQ at the park (John Graham Recreation Reserve).. we were a bit full after eating at Alin and Pat's so we just lazed around.. the boys were  a bit anxious because they can't wait to go to the beach

Coogee Beach

There were lots of people fishing and crabbing


I was told that they can easily catch herring here, even up to 4 pails of fish! but the best time is at night.. make sure you are well-clothed because it can get reaallly coool.. :)

we didn't catch anything. because we just stayed for a few mins. almost maghrib time

ok.. we gave the boys a chance to play on the beach

photo time!



these boys used to be afraid of the sea
suddenly i was thinking about the beach in Penang.. when I was small I like to look for 'remis' 

happy boy with the long hair.. 

brush hair and long hair


  1. My pleasure to have u and your family at my place :). hope yall come again next time.